Alex Brick


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Alex was a great One Pocket player and a great cue maker. But most of all, he was a great person.


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Amen to All of the Above. Alex began crafting one of a kind Cues for me back in the late 1990’s, and I still Own and Cherish many of them. We talked on the phone many many times, about Special Designs I had in mind. He was Always up to the challenge of crafting those Masterpieces for me, and I will miss him each time I speak his name, play with one of His Cues, and think of a new design I have in mind. I won’t be ordering anymore new Cues from anyone else, except maybe John Madden. I dearly love His Work also. Rest In Eternal Peace, My Brother ... You are Missed By So Many More than Myself.


Gerbil Jeff
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I first met Alex back in the 90's when he came over to Jonesboro AR to play in the tournaments at Ron's Family Recreation Center. Alex was a great player and I came to know him quite well. I remember when he started making cues, I had one of his earliest sneakies, wish I still had it! Years later I also started to make some cues and Alex as a HUGE help to me several times letting me visit his shop when it was at Players (thanks Adam for letting me hang around!).

I'll never forget one time I had a drill bit wander when I was drilling out a joint pin hole, I called Alex in a panic and he saved the day with his advice to me. I hated to hear of his passing.