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BOXCAR - Race is an immutable condition of DNA; and, Skin-Tone is often the common visual short-hand identifier of those who's DNA emanates from specific points of origin; and are assigned to a Labeled ID Group. Before you accept the label of: Racist, which others have - in their own judgement - tried to tag you with, are you absolutely certain you are indeed "A Racist"?

Answer for yourself this question: "Is it truly the entire group of people - without exception - who share a similar DNA Chain and the associated Skin Tone which you forms your attitude; OR, it is your attitude and views formed by the Cultural standards and behaviors displayed by some members of certain Labeled ID Groups which you evaluate and reject?"

If you answered "all members of a similar DNA chain without exception, right down to skin tone", then, I would say that qualifies as a legitimate "Racist"; HOWEVER, if you answered "some members of a group, based on Cultural Standards and Behaviors which you reject", then, I would say you are NOT a Racist, but more accurately: a CULTURALIST.

I only point this out, to illustrate the idea that before you accept and embrace ANY label someone else tries to slap on you, be sure the label truly applies to you; otherwise, you run the risk of allowing others to define you into a group where you properly do not belong - and then, get you to "apologize" to them for being in that group, when they are in fact the ones who put you in that mislabeled group, is just wrong.

This NOT a power I would want others having over anyone, by getting someone to submit to of "their own free will", when they don't belong in that group in the first place.

While I appreciate what your post is trying to achieve, and if I may, I would like to suggest that you go back and "look into your heart" again, and ask yourself the self-examination question I have supplied to you above: Racist vs Culturalist?

You may find your answer remains the same; but, at least you'll know that you've willfully accepted the label others have cast upon you and that you and they agree that you are properly assigned to that label.

And, if you find your answer different, well... now you have to figure where that leaves you in terms of your willingness to accept the wrong label and the attitudes of those who want you to put you under and into that mislabeled group.

Wherever you end-up with yourself, I hope you can come to peace, and get back to concentrating on Pool; where everyone's hands end-up blueish. - GJ
Extremely well said.


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I sure a few people remember the guy who was center of News reports after fighting with LAPD.

He asked question that was brilliant, “Why can’t we all get along”? RODNEY KING.

Question was good, not many know answer.

Think respect, tolerance, are thing that have diminished.

Good example of this shrinking tolerance of respect is how people running for office attack one another, with false misleading negative comments.
The man was not fighting the LAPD. He was on the ground being brutally beaten with batons by multiple police officers.

Stick to talking about pool, where your analog clock is correct at least twice a day.