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I am not sure what lead you to search for that LOL but I love those. Going to print them out and bring them to my local pool hall although I may need to edit out snooker for pool so as not to confuse most of the people there.


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Grew up reading this comic. Had totally forgotten about it.

Thank you SO much!


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I used to be a daily reader of Andy Capp when I read the daily paper. Very often good cartoons, the occasional great one to hang on the wall of my office at work. I had to be careful though, some were too close to the truth and my work ethics!

Andy Capp, Hagar the Horrible, a few more were daily must reads. When I think about it, most cartoons were. I had my priorities!

Now I am missing my job! Takes half the fun out of reading cartoons when I am not doing it on company time. Research you know.



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I saw the title of this thread and though "he can't mean the comicstrip. No one i know read that".

I was a youngin in the 80s. But i still loved it.