Any Serious Meucci Collectors out there.....



I have a cue that has some "history" behind it and should prove to be very valuable to someone who is a very serious collector of cues. If anyone is very serious (dollars) about a very special cue, e-mail me at with the subject "Meucci Cue". I have tried to call the Meucci phone number to get some info and discuss the cue, but I, and others, can't seem to get through when we have tried. I'll keep trying, because I would like to verify the origination of the cue. If it's what it's supposed to be, it'll be worth a lot of money to the right person..........

Anyone ever seen a Meucci that has 4 wood points, and the rest of the forearm to the joint collars is made of the Meucci "plastic"? The cue has not been played with other than to hit a couple of balls with it, even though it was "made" for a world name player. It was given to me in October 2001, and I have had it in storeage since then only to show it now and then.
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