Anyone used a longoni Luna Nera?


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My point is its just semantics. In day-to-day lingo 'graphite' and 'carbon-fiber' are often used to describe the exact same material. There are no 'graphite' tubes. Even the older, cheaper ones were are form of carbon-fiber. In Europe CF is often referred to as 'graphite'.
The guy - Mr. Longoni? did say they've been on this for decades and that the fibers are unidirectional.


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Have you used any other carbon fiber shafts, and if so, how would you compare them to the Longoni?


only used the Luna Nera but apparently it’s an issue with the 3lobite extension joint, so I’ve sent the cue back to Italy.

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Pencil lead is also graphite, not carbon fiber. Just thought you'd like to know, in case you ever need a short shaft for close in work. :LOL: