Apa Tournament Cue Ball

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Ant812 said:

Last year this is what they used


If you scroll down the page, you'll find it for sale here


When I bought mine last year, it had a light blue (Clearly not green) Aramith logo but didn't have the Cougar logo on it. Some of the balls at the APA singles tourney last year had the Cougar logo one one side, some didn't, but they all had a blue Aramith logo so I'm pretty sure it was the same ball. Felt and played the same.

I might try to call first to see if you could get one with a Cougar logo just to make sure. They probably won't know what you're talking about but it's worth a try. :D

Da Poet

Pool is Cool
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SCCues said:
That's the ball we use in all of the bar table tournaments, APA and BCA.


Is it just the tournament ball listed here?


They had green logo Aramith balls at the place we played the regionals at, but out in Vegas, they were blue. Some with a cougar logo some without.

Kinda weird. I might have to actually call someone over at Aramith to get the lowdown.

Naw, I put enough work into it last year and I'm pretty much not doing the APA league thing anymore unless there's a 32-37 year old single chick on the team. :D