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Customer for decades but it won't recognize email or password and nobody answers the phone.
Maybe your browser has blocked you for some unapparent reason use a different browser

Sometimes it's that the business uses a software that only gets money from one side or the other lol You know how that goes porprietory rights

My friend try google they accept anyone
Also because you asre probably using microsoft as, i do, because i feel safer, however sometimes you have to step over the line , just for a min, to get what you want. Let me know if the browser change gets you into Their site at Atlas
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I was having the same issue. Emailed Rich and he said they just started with a new website and working through some glitches. He reset my account, I ordered and received shipment with no problem.

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Every time a new website there's always glitches
gotta say, that website should of gone through some usability testing, was a lot easier to find stuff on the old one. If you're going to use images to navigate to different parts of the site they should match where you're going. Only correct one below is the veneers.