Avid shafts/cues from Cuetec?


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I've never played Cuetec, heard negative things about their lower end products and wonder about the whole glass covered maple thing, but with the popularity of their Cynergy CF shafts, I'm wondering if their new Avid products are something I should try? I know it's still quite new, but anybody play with one yet? Thanks.


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Posted a similar question a couple days ago here

Didn't get much response, but someone posted a link to this review on youtube:


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I won a cue exactly like the one in the video. Honestly I really like it. I may make it my league/bar player. It seems like it is pretty durable. I've seen people say that it is probably just a rehash of the SST shaft which I always hated but I think this feels different, more like a CF than an SST. Other cues I own currently are Huebler, Mcdermott, Capone, Cuetec R360, Players, Pechauer, and Jacoby Cues, so I have a large array of cues to compare it against. I have the same concern that the youtube video has though, I wonder what it will look like in a couple years after dragging it around to bars.


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I think the new line was made when Venom got his deal with Cuetec. They were a new line made for him.


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A local pool hall owner and billiards instructor was playing with it in a tournament last Saturday. He was playing with a 314 on a Schön butt for the last 15 years or so.

He says he really likes it, that it has a lot of feel and a little less deflection than the 314. He mentioned the balance being different as well. He really wanted me to try it but I didn't have time during the tournament. The downside being that it's only available with the Cuetec joint.

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I was curious about these new avid cues, and I bought one before ~ 8 weeks. From the first stroke I liked the balance very much, but added some weight, now it is at 19,7 oz, perfect to me. The tip of the shaft was at other cuetec shafts something that I changed always very quickly, these everest tips and tiger tips in general never had a real chance before, I didn‘t like them. But with this avid shaft the everst tip felt better than I was used to, so I compressed it and when it wasn‘t moving anymore, I put off one layer. Now I really must admit that this avid cue has a feeing that I had never before, it hits very very solid, the sound is warm and destinct, and the feedback also is on a good level.

As I was so excited I ordered another avid shaft for my IQ fullsplice butt, this butt is pretty stiff and has also a special feel, with many shafts it does not harmonize perfectly, mainly concerning the balance. I drilled the 3/8x11 pin into the new avid shaft, compressed the tip like before, and yesterday evening I was playing with it a couple of hours. Amazing!!!

It is so powerful with my fullsplice and the feel in every aspect is even better than at the complete avid cue, and this is already on a very high level! This is my biggest surprise over the last years, and within the last years I have tried a lot! R360, Ignite, Mezz WX700, Predator Z3 and 314/3, Ex Pro, Infinity, Rogue, Pechauer solid... my longterm favourite was since a couple of years the cuetec cynergy, but this avid shaft is something that I wouldn‘t have expected and that affects me totally positive.

About the performance I cannot say too much in the moment. The deflection level is low, but if it is on the level of the cynergy I‘m not sure yet, but if there is a difference it is little. The ability to apply spin is great and very linear like at the cynergy, but the effectiveness of the avid shaft at applying spin seems to be even a little higher than with the cynergy. Long shots are very easy, I feel a lot of trust with this avid shaft, and also sensitive game on small areas works very well. And I like the light colour + the durability of this shaft. The avid shaft has a potential to get my new longterm favourite!
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A Friend of mine bought one and I played with a couple months ago. I was not impressed at all, it felt like one of those cheap $20 dollar walmart cues. The thing just felt like it was going to break on every shot I took (it didn't actually break). For the price, I expected more from them. This is coming from someone who used to like the older cue-tec stuff. I liked the way they hit, just hated the constant mainteneance to keep them slick.


I have many cuetec cues and the reason is not as much as the shaft as the skinny or thin butt in most of their cues that I prefer. I do not like their SST shafts (and have now 5 never chalked ones). The most recent one I bought came with the AVID shaft and certainly an improvement over the SST ones. I use the cuetec shafts to put on tips (by myself) .. that I am experimenting with! I have the Cuetec CF Cynergy shaft too and love it. Most SST shafts have issue with cleaning and maintenance. I am not sure if AVID shafts are any different, though have fiber glass coating too. For budget cues they are great. I have a friend, whose playing abilities I try to model, he went from custom cues to a cheap cuetec and loves it! I guess ultimately it is what fits your physical and mental profile!