AzBilliards Official Tip Poll

What's your favorite cue tip based on maintenance/performance...

  • How soft/med/hard

  • Zan plus soft/med/hard

  • Zan prem soft/max/grip hard

  • Ki-tech ss/soft/med/hard

  • Tiger Onyx/sniper

  • Predator victory/soft/med/hard

  • Kamui tan soft/med/hard

  • Kamui Black soft/med/hard

  • Moori soft/med/hard

  • Kamakaze ss/soft/med

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I have been using Talisman hards for a decade on my play cue and XX hards on my break cue.

I really hate all black tips as I can't seem to avoid miscues with them.
I have not used a medium or a soft for a very long time.


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Kamui Black/Clear Hard for my wood play cues

Kamui Black/Clear Medium for my CF cues

Bulletproof Clear for my break cues

If I'm installing for other folks, I also keep the full range of Ultraskins on hand. (Except the "Fire" versions which make a mess)


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Well the latest, great, newish, best new darn TIP is with Paid Pro's Endorsement, or some slick Pool rag will run advertising for. Wonder what TIP Mosconi used for RECORD RUN in 14/1, WOLLY MAMOUTH SKIN solid Tip from the ICE AGE, or was it a good LePro NON LAYERED TIP?


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I have a triangle on my valhalla cheapy and it's junk man. way to hard and has no grip, and I like harder medium tips.
Try shooting through the ball.
Just an aside, tips don't have fingers and a thumb.
They don't grip anything.
It's you shooting through the ball.

I prefer a hard tip and enjoy the sound of a hard tip.
The nice thing about a hard tip is they get harder over time.
Eventually that super soft tip gets harder over time too.
Tips may not grip but I guarantee you that they compress over time, especially a layered tip.


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