Ball in hand or not?


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Player had ball in hand and while placing cue ball for his shot moved the 8 ball with his thumb. His opponent calls BIH foul. Rules book shows this as a placement type foul, but can be interpreted either BIH, or opponent places 8 ball back in its original position? We called it BIH for our league play and will keep it as it has set presidence.

Bob Jewett

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For "cue ball fouls only", the CSI (BCAPL) rules are the best to go by unless local rules have all the details covered. Here is the relevant section of the CSI rules:

4. When placing or moving the cue ball, it is a foul if you touch or disturb any object ball with the cue ball or your hand that holds the cue ball. Your "hand" is defined as including the wrist up to a point where a wristwatch would normally be worn. Your opponent has no restoration option.

Fouls at eight ball result in ball in hand in all situations I can think of for CSI rules. Here are the general comments about fouls in the CSI rules:

1-21 Penalties for Fouls

1. If you commit a foul, or otherwise violate the rules, you are penalized according to the General Rules and the specific rules of the game being played.

2. Unless otherwise stated in the General Rules or specific game rules, if you commit a foul or otherwise violate the rules: your inning ends and your opponent receives ball in hand.

3. Some fouls specify a warning for the first offense during a match. However, if you continually commit such fouls from match to match, it may be considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct and the penalties for the first offense of those fouls may be more severe.



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Depends on the rules you are playing under. There isn’t one set of rules.

We just say ‘oops’, put it back and continue on as if it never happened.


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I agree with you Bob. With ball in hand, the cue ball becomes part of the hand. I like how the hand is described up to the placement of a wristwatch. Also, any kind of billiards play should be governed by some sort of rules. Just my opinion.