**** Barry Szamboti Masterpiece! ****


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Very cool, thanks for sharing and may you play with it in the greatest of health..



Belgian Malinois
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Wow. I really like the half propeller ringwork at the joint. Never seen that before but ties it together very nicely. Thanks for sharing. Matt D.


I'm back
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If I had not to pay today my SW Cues from Laurie, it would be mine.
Waiting Long time for an Szam too


Truth Will Set You Free
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When you said that this cue has it all, I thought that maybe you were going to be exaggerating a bit. But nope, this cue is the nuts in every single way.

Michael Webb

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Great cue from a Cue maker, I consider greater than his name. My best to you Ken and Mr. Szamboti.


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Classic Szamboti all the way, beautiful.

If I'm not mistaken, the top shaft has a LePro tip with red backing, and the bottom shaft looks like a Triangle, with red backing. Just out of curiosity, am I right?

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