BCM Cocobolo "Titlist" Tribute cue from Davis blank


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I'm trying to fund a new project so I'm looking to sell my BCM Cocobolo Titlist tribute cue. This cue was crafted by Brian Mordt from a hand-picked Davis blank. This is a full splice cue. The shaft is 13mm. The pictures show the cue when Brian just got it finished. This cue is not cored and comes in at a weight of 21 oz. If you want it lighter, you can have your favorite cuesmith core it out. I personally like the feel and hit of a solid block of wood. It has since been my daily player. Overall shape would be an 8/10 with very minor play scars. I have over $1100 invested, and will cut someone the deal of the day and let it go for $750 shipped. I will get current pics of the cue uploaded tomorrow.