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Got my new BD cue and it looks amazing .
Went to the poolclub last night and i was blown away by the performance of the cue , nice solid hit with all the feedback you can dream off .

I've been playing with a BD sneaky pete with his SS360 shaft for more than a year now and this cue really made me a better player , i never thought there would be a better cue that suits my game than this one .
But i was wrong !!!
The cue Bob Danielson made for me now is by far the best cue i have ever played with .
Probably it has a lot to do with his renewed SS360 shaft wich he named SS360/2 ?
He reduced the deflection but kept that solid hit his regular SS360 had .

In the club about 5 or 6 players came up to me and asked where i bought this beautifull cue , all of them played a few shots with my BD and i'm not kidding they all became very very interested .
They all swear by Predator but all of them were considering buying a BD cue in the future .

If you're in to low deflection you really should consider a BD cue , you will not be dissapointed .

BD cue.jpg

BD cue 2.jpg

BD cue 3.jpg

BD cue 4.jpg



I love cocobolo cues.
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Yes sir bd cues are great , and Bob is a really good guy easy to work. I can't find till I get mine. ...


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Bob is great cue and makes hell of cue when I get funds he will be maken me cue :grin-square: