Beautiful 4-point Dave Barenbrugge for sale


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There is a beautiful 4-point Dave Barenbrugge cue for sale.
Cue was built in 2012. It's my daily player cue for many years till I have another new one from Dave. So I asked Dave to do the refinish early this year. all be done just a week ago. Dave makes it like a brand new cue. repainting it and change an oil tanned spanish bull wrap on it. got the shafts as clean as he could. So it's in very good condition.
It's really hard to find a 4-point Barenbrugge today. and it will cost pretty much. even though, the waiting list is super long. So it's a very good chance to have a Barenbrugge cue with less money. and no need to wait!
this cue is in Dave's shop now.
Cocobolo into jet black ebony with 3 veneers.
ebony butt sleeve.
Level 1 rings on all position.
butt is around 16oz
2 original shafts, one is 12.8mm 3.6oz, the other one is 12.6mm 3.6oz

I'm asking 'sold: pending payment' . trades welcome.

any questions please email me:


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