Been a while since a "Whats in the case thread"


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Case look familiar Chuck?


Jim Baxter Player and matching breaker. Glove, headphones, chalk, coin holder, Q claw and towel from one of the places I play. All in my awesome Chuck Fields custom 2x4



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This is my 3 piece set I had Jim Baxter build almost a year ago now.

The Main Player has Stabilized Maple Burl with a darker stain and then the Butt Sleeve is Spalted Maple as Well as the Extension for the main cue is complete Spalted Maple. Plus, the Extension has a JP'S as well as the rest of the set has matching JP'S.

The Wrap is Leather, Unfortunately I cannot remember if it is Elephant Ear, Spanish Bull or Buffalo. Iam going to Contact Jim an ask him to see if he Remembers.

The Main Cue is 62" Long. The Breaker Cue is only 59." I never asked to know how long the handle is for the Jumper Cue. I do believe I requested the Extension too be 10."


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