Bergman / Poteet One Hole 6/15-6/17 @The Players Club stl


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Non stop action on the Supporter only Facebook channel of The Players Club.

Race to 16 , 8 ea day , live with Commentary ea night. $20 per month!

July features Fedor and Kristina with Justin Bergman. Always working on more to!

last month Efren Reyes. We have had Fedor, JHall, Saez, Harriman, Roland Garcia, Coach Joey Gray and we are not stopping just growing!

Thanks for watching!


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8-5 in a great night of one pocket. Devin is ultra creative and Justin missed a few balls long and hard. So much fun cant wait for tomorrow and to have this guy back again.


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Bergman won. I believe the score was 16-10.
Thanks! Justin must have settled down and focused for day 2. Still like this Poteet guy, he earned my respects (had never heard of him prior) in that big 9 ball and1pkt tourney a couple of weeks ago. (y)