best cue you ever had or still have ???


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I have a Magic Wand , made by Guido Orlandi.... It has a Conical Joint. Everyone that plays with it wants to buy it, somebody else will sell it after I'm gone...


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Mobley and a SS joint Showman, completely different hits.

Right in there is a Ted Harris I played 10+ years with, might take it out for a drive this week


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Helmstetter 87-14 bought new in 87


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Two cues are tied:

1. Viking goncalo alves plain Jane from the early 1990s - my "here on out" cue, partly for sentimental reasons
2. Huebler rosewood plain jane of around the same age - had it several years ago, sold it because I thought the joint ruined the cue's look (the hit is first priority, but the cue's aesthetic matters to me too)

The Huebler's hit was a bit more delicate-feeling, but it also had a 1/4 inch narrower shaft and a softer tip. They're my favorites because of their "extension of my arm" feeling from the first shot.
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Currently my Mezz (which is sadly at Proficient Billiards currently) with its Ignite shaft. I am sure the cue that Chris Nitti is working for me on will change my mind though.


Loved my old Muecci but switched to a Cuetec CF and won’t go back. Love the silky smooth feel and hit but I can really zip that Muecci around the table.


I have an antique Brunswick/Balke Double Butterfly converted to a two-piece with two original Predator 314 shafts. The conversion was done by "Cadillac" Joe Mazalowiski(spelling might not be correct) around 2003. I bought this cue when I started playing again(2004) after a twenty-year hiatus from the owner of a local pool room, Royal Billiards. Was my player for a while, but I realized it was a unique cue and retired it. Started my appreciation for antique butterfly cues and my collection :alien:
I had a cue by Cadillac many years ago. Nice guy and reasonably priced cues and repairs.


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Recently acquired Mike Lambros, Ebony forearm and Butt sleeve, beautiful points, "ultimate" joint, radial pin, "dime" tip on 13mm shaft. Do not know year of manufacture.


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These are the best hitting cues for me…Diveney is my favorite with the long tapper, Kielwood shaft but all of these are very well made and hit fantastic over my 30 years of playing. I own each in my collection.

Tim Scruggs

Mike Lambros

Sugartree by Eric Crisp

Dennis Searing

Pete Tascarella

Pat Diveney

Keith Josey

Southwest Cues



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I have not owned a lot of cues, but my favorite was my late '80s McDermott D-22. I handed it down to my son. Now I shoot with a Mezz Axi with Ignite shaft. I really like it as well.


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Mason Houghland, cocobolo and big leaf maple, 57"

Single best cue I've ever played with, no idea why I don't still own it.

After that one the bluegrass and Joey I currently play with.


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Best playing cue I ever had in 60 years of playing was a mid 80's Meucci, it moved the ball with less effort then any other cue.
Sadly it warped badly with in a year and that soured me on another Meucci purchase.