Bill Schick cue refinished


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Earlier this week, I received my 1993 Bill Schick cue back from Mike Webb who did an excellent job refinishing it. Nothing was wrong with the cue except that I had worn off the finish in some places leading some of the rings to tarnish. Mike does great ring work and this cue is a testament to the quality he provides. I could not be happier. Also, thanks to Ryan Theewen (RAT Cues) for supplying enough of his older linen for the rewrap. Modern linen would have looked good enough. But this older linen has the right amount of extra character. Mike's rewrap is pressed and maintains great texture - not slick.

According to Bill, this would have been one of only a dozen or so rosewood cues he had built by that time; everybody wanted ebony back then. All four shafts were made by Bill; two are original and two were made when I bought the cue in 1997, all shafts are straight as is the butt. For my style of play, it has been the best hitting cue I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. I know you have heard that before. But everybody has a favorite and this is mine. Many thanks to Mike for putting so much care into revitalizing this cue.


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Nice cue! Looks like a 5/16x14 joint... you don't see many Schicks with that joint style.

Actually it is slightly smaller diameter. Mike said it is 0.298" x 14. The pin fits every 14 pitch shaft that I have tried. But since the brass insert is tightly mated to the pin, the shaft has not fit other pins that I have tried. The SS joint provides a nice forward balance.
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The cue looks amazing Greg!

Mike did a wonderful job (as always) restoring your Schick. That was very generous of Ryan. Both pillars of this industry.

Congrats and thanks for sharing!

<~~~~~~~~~can't wait to hit some balls with it :wink:


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Super nice Schick

Very nice looking Schick I have never owned one I have loved his work. I might get to own one someday. Mike did a super job on the refinish. Thanks for sharing....:wink:

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What a good looking cue, the wrap is perfect and I'm not a fan of linen wraps.

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Greg, great looking Bill Schick you have. Mike Webb does perfect work too!
Thanks for showing.


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Thanks for the nice comments. Not only are the shafts cut with my favorite taper (Bill’s taper), but any shaft I put on the butt plays better than with any other cue butt. There isn’t much discussion on AZ about the importance of butt taper. IMO, cue butts do not all play alike. Both sides of this cue are amazing. I bought the cue from Mark Kalungian in 1997 when I was in the market for a pool tabIe. I saw that he had this Schick cue for sale and made the “mistake” of playing with it. I bought both. Playing with it has always been special.



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They play great and Bill must have been really busy in 1993 as both of my big pin babies were made the same year 1993! Yours is really nice Greg,


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Very nice looking cue, Mike took one of his cues to Bill one time, and asked him to pick his finish apart, Bill said it was top notch.:thumbup:


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Cue length 57.5" (28.75"/28.75")
Butt weight 15.20 oz.

1993 4.40 oz. 12.54 mm Schick tip
1993 4.40 oz. 12.55 mm Schick tip
1997 4.05 oz. 13.02 mm Talisman WB Hard tip
1997 3.90 oz. 13.00 mm Schick tip

Shaft measurements are taken at the interface of the ferrule and shaft. Tip measures are pretty close. Three of the four shafts are ~13.5 mm at 6" from the ferrule. Balance point between 19.4" and 19.75" depending on shaft weight. All ferrules are ivory with fiber pads. Except for the recent refinish and one tip replacement, all tip/shaft maintenance was performed by Bill Schick. I have more measurements, but these should describe the cue fairly well.

Enclosed are a few additional pictures as requested. Pictures tend to come out dark and hide the beauty of the rosewood. The last two pictures were taken with increased exposure and are representative of the actual look of the cue.


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