Bill Stroud pool stories................


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Does anyone have a link to the original contest? I’m not trying to rub any salt in the wound of the one guy who seems so pissed about this, I’d just like to see what kind of designs people came up with. There’s a few folks here who would do a hell of a job I’d think. And I’m curious to what design won.
This is Chris1802...the contest winner...hasn’t posted since 2013....his website is gone also
The original thread in the main forum can only be resurrected by azhousepro....Mike...please



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We really need to go down that road again? Please indeed.
I would like to see the cue designs again....especially Mike Wong’ was the cue that Bill said he would change nothing on.
.....I didn’t pay much attention to them at the time....had no intention of submitting ideal cues would be considered boring.


iam from Germany and have purchased an used JW Cue
I mailed Bill to make me 2 additional shafts...he accepted the order but never made the Shaftswithin 6 months...because of not having Time to make shafts at the moment..the next year.
He mentioned that i should get the shafts made in germany...i mailed back that my German Cuemaker does not have access to his Special ACME Thread and would charge 150 Euros just to make the checkerd Style Ivory/Wood Joint Rings the way..Bill asked for 500 per Shaft.

Anyway,,Bill had no time to make the Shafts...bit he did send me 2 ACME Inserts and 2 Prebuild Ivory/Wood Checkered Joint Rings for free to Germany.

Thats my feedback on Bill...what else could an Owner of one of his Cues expect...even if its an pre-owned Cue


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Just my opinion and its not worth all that much. I remember the contest and it seemed like a great gesture and something fun for the forum. I got to see Bill a few times during the last years of his life here in Phoenix. He was a "different" guy who marched to his own beat.

Bill said he was going to be moving out to Arizona and was going to really get back into the game. He walked up to Scott Frost and I and said he was going to be coming to AZ and he was going to beat Scott even. Bill was dead serious and not kidding around. This was at Derby or something like that I, Scott and I just looked at one another in disbelief. Bill did end up coming out and did play, never the big gambling match with Scott that he barked about.

I know he tried to get back into the mix of playing getting in some one pocket tournaments at Kolby's and some friendly action. I think his failing health and the newer tougher equipment did not allow him to play some serious gambling action like he wanted to as he did in his best years. I did find Bill to be friendly and had some good conversations. I always enjoy talking with the old timers and hearing their stories whether tall tales or not, it's like time traveling.

I remember about 10 years ago Eric Crisp of SugarTree cues said he was going to make me a cue as a sponsor for my doing a live stream in Vegas of Borana and OMGWTF when they played for some coin. I was really excited about it but never got the cue. I don't hold it against him and would not judge him harshly on that because I know many people speak highly of him as a cuemaker and person so he is well regarded. I met him at the event and he seemed like a nice guy, shit happens.

I would not let the cue contest thing from 10 years back define Bill's legacy and outside of the forum in the pool world he does have a good reputation. Not sure if he is in the cue maker hall of fame yet but he should be. I think forgiveness goes a long way. I have my own regrets with Grady and how I gave him the business on here about playing a big money match he barked about when he was in Phoenix. He was at his end and I was being a bit of a prick as I was too short sighted to see what really counted and that is integrity.

RIP Bill. RIP Grady. Eric I am not mad at you. :)
Best post in a 10 yr running Jerry Springer episode. Takes a pretty big person to admit their flaws in the face of prevailing public opinion


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i knew bill. and was surprised when he didnt make the prize cue. i knew that something other was involved other than him just not doing it. his word was always good. and pretty good on his time frames as promised. let him be with the dignity he deserves.


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I’ve had my JW for going on 40 years. Not long after I joined AZB I was able to get Bill’s contact info.
After a couple of phone calls I sent him my cue for a refinish, rewrap, and a replacement but cap, and
A couple of new shafts. He did a great job, and I was very happy with the work. I really don’t know
If it hits good or not.... I just know that I love playing with it, and anything else is not the same. It’s a
Part of me (I know) and has had a good run. Time flies. Enjoy life, and let go of what doesn’t help you
To be happy.

I hope all you good folks are staying healthy and safe. Enjoy the new year.