Billed Twice


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I don't write much on here so bare with my spelling. This is something for the cue repair people to watch for. I got a email from Atlas Billiards yesterday that I had two unpaid tickets from December of last year. I thought it was strange that it took them this long to spot this. I had paid all outstanding bills with one of their sales people a month ago. But they said that they had moved to a new system and these must have gotten over looked. I went to my bank and checked my records and found that I had paid them in January. I don't think they would do that on purpose. But in the same sence if anyone is going to get screwed it wouldn't be them. If I had not of had my records, they would have wanted me to pay those bills again. Just want to let everyone know that these things do happen and companys do make mistakes. So before you pay a bill twice, do some checking. Butterflycues