Black and white 15 Butterflies cue


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I'm sorry, but again long absent from the forum :sorry:. But the reason is very valid:wink:. We moved into the new workshop:thumbup:. I hope we will soon start working again :dance:.

This cue I finished shortly before the move. I made it for one of the AZ members from Germany.
This is Black hornbeam, Curly maple and hornbeam shaft. I hope you like this cue.:)






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Awesome work.....thanks for sharing the photos.

I've added Dmitry to my list of butterfly cuemakers I will get a cue from someday.

Keep up the great work.



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:woot: Amazing ! When I first seen it my jaw dropped
open . I love it !!!

I bet it's a great player some one will be a very happy and proud owner .


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Thank you friends :wave3:. This is a very high score for my work :).


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Grats to Dimitry and Alex for this stunning cue!
As I had the chance to play a DBK from Alex, I can say, that they are really amazing players!!! The hit a ton (as you say) and play in a hard and direct way- simply honest!
The butterflies are always unique and in great execution.

Tung-oil would be a really nice choice for these cues...