Blood! Blood!


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Back in in the 70’s a friend wanted me to tag along to see this guy in upper Westchester. My buddy, Eric, had found himself in possession of some extremely low quality green leafy material-referred to as ‘headache weed’ back then as no matter how much you consumed, that would be all you got. My friend wasn’t having that, and he told me this guy Spencer was the only person to whom he could unload it. It was only an ounce and If it was tested for THC, you probably couldn’t be prosecuted for it.

He didn’t say another word about Spencer. We arrived at his home in the most remote place you could find in Westchester. It was a one room cabin/bungalow.

We knock and get called in, open the door and there is not a single piece of furniture in the room-Not even a cushion. Just old newspapers randomly strewn around. He is sitting on the bare wood floor, in the beginners yoga position, completely ossified with a ½ gallon jug of red wine directly in front of him. My friend passes him the weed and gets the cash-maybe $40.

Within 3 minutes Spencer gets up and throws up in the sink and screams “BLOOD! BLOOD!” in a panic. For a second, i panicked too but Eric walked over-took a look and told him “Spencer it’s just the wine you’re drinking”. We both calmed down.

Meanwhile I’m sitting on the floor also and notice this piece of wrinkly dirty lined paper 8-½ x11 with some huge scrawl on it. I pick up the paper. It was an unmailed letter. This is what it read in its entirety, filling the whole page in the kindergarten like scrawl.

To the Social Register

Many of my friends are listed in the Social Register-I too would like to be in the Social Register.


Spencer R K…s