Bludworth pool ball cleaner / polisher


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Hey. Forum lurker here. I'm getting an eBay ad and shipping materials together for this over the weekend and I thought I'd run it by here first to see if anyone wants dibs. I realize that I'm new to the forum. My eBay handle is the same as here (macpublish) and I have a 100% rating if you want to check that out.

What I have is a very clean, home-used Bludworth pool ball cleaner/polisher for sale. Reason for selling, moving to condo.

Prices are firm:
$350 shipped to conus (probably via USPS parcel post)
$300 you pick up at my house. I'm near New Haven, CT, one mile off exit 59 on 95.



Includes a full bottle of cleaner fluid ($25 value) and other goodies as shown in video and pics.

Cleaning fluid and polisher would cost you almost $600 new so this is a great deal. Not something you're likely to snag at this condition used as mostly, I've seen these in pool halls and they get a lot of use. A home unit this clean is a nice find for someone.