Bob Dzuricky custom 6pt Hi/Lo, gorgeous


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If you like customs, like stories, and like great craftsmanship... Well, this could be your next cue.

I talked to Bob, this cue was made for himself. It's described in some detail on his website. It was the first cue he used paper veneers for the outer veneers as an experiment, and it, as you can see, turned out very well indeed. As a bonus, comes with a matching, spiffy joint protecter... Good lord knows how much that little sucker would cost to make smile emoticon

About the middle of this page he talks about the cue:

And here's a video of it completed:

6 point Hi_Lo cue
Curly Maple, Camatillo, Ebony and Holly
Black paper not he outermost veneer
Lost of veneers with black paper

Shaft1: 3.8oz...12.8mm
Shaft2: 3.6oz...12.4mm

If your trade offer is so strong I can turn it around and sell it in a day - Feel free to offer it. Otherwise please, cash only. I want to get out of this cue trading business and let the folks that do it a LOT better than me continue doing it.



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