Border Battle Nine Ball Challenge


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This is mostly for the Canadian contingent here I thought I would let them know that last years Border Battle is finally airing on TSN. USA vs Canada

team Canada

Cliff Thorburn
Alex Pagulayan
Eric Hjorlfson
Luc Salvas
Alain Martel

team USA

Nick Varner
Earl Strickland
Johnny Archer
Rodney Morris
Jeremy Jones

The format is scotch doubles and singles just like the Mosconi Cup. USA currently leads 3-2 and I believe they go on to win the event 7-5 but I'm not 100% sure of that.


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Ok, someone quickly grabbing some video and rendering and then sharing all those matches on poolhub in dc++ !!


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Wally in Cincy said:
off-topic, isn't there a big tourney in Calgary in mid-April?

April 19-23 is the SML Entertainment Open, players committed include Earl, Johnny, and Pagulayan just to name a few. I won't be competing but plan on making it to sweat some matches. There is a thread in the tournament announcement section with more info.