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I'll be in Boston Monday and Tuesday, October 3rd and 4th for work.

Staying at Boston Marriott Long Wharf, 296 State Street

Any pool close???



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pool in boston has been dying for a long time.

the only place that i can think of for decent tables/atmosphere is far, 20+ miles away.

but if you're just looking for some place to shoot, there is jillians, which is close to fenway. it has red felt, fyi.

big city, brookline, is a little further, but poorer tables, sparse chalk.

trust me when i say i wish there were more places close by.


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Only pool halls i can think of "close" to Boston worth checking out:
World Class Billiards, Peabody MA.
Westgate Lanes, Brockton MA.
Stix & Stones, Abington, MA.

Take a ride an hour ride south one night to Providence RI and check out Snookers, you won't be disappointed. Has to be one of the best pool halls in the country.


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Sad to say, but if you're dependent upon public transportation or taxis, Julians ( is the best you can do.
Kings ( in the Back Bay area isn't too bad, it has gold crowns in decent shape. It is closer than Julians, but both of them are definitely night clubs first, pool rooms second.
There is also Flat Top Johnny's ( in Cambridge which is a short ride on the Red Line away.
I think there is someplace down in China Town, but I'm not sure, that was a long time ago.
There was also a place on Washington Street when I worked in Boston, but again it wasn't really a pool hall.
There is also Boston Bowl ( in the Dorchester section of Boston. It probably has the greatest action potential. It isn't within real walking distance of public transportation though and you'd have to take a cab. I guess you could take the T (subway) and a bus, but that is a pain in the butt.

FWIW, check out this site,
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