Brand New Durbin - Ebony & Snakewood


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This brand new Michael J Durbin cue is in Snakewood and Ebony… always a stunning combination. This cue features a modified bridge point design and ebony boxes and bars in the butt sleeve. Lot’s of oval inlays in the butt sleeve and points, fancy box rings, and an EE wrap.

All the inlays, joint, and butt sleeve are made of “Super Tusk” Elforyn. The cue also features Durbin’s proprietary LD shafts and matching fancy joint caps.
Everything really pops on this cue!

Butt Weight - 15.2oz
Shaft 1 Weight - 3.6oz
Shaft 1 Diameter - 13mm
Shaft 1 Ferrule - Durbin LD
Shaft 2 Weight - 3.6oz
Shaft 2 Diameter - 13mm
Shaft 2 Ferrule - Durbin LD
Joint Material - Elforyn
Joint Pin - 3/8x11
Length - 58

$2,950 shipped worldwide


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Ebony and Snakewood with white inlays is a favorite combination of mine for any cue! Each element brings out the best in the others!