Break cues?


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Anyone try the poison Vx-5 break cue?
I still use the VX-2.9 and it's as good as my buddy's older rush and his Blackout.
As others have mentioned, it's 90% mechanics, 10% tip/cue.
I'd like a CF shaft for it though. My wood shaft is pretty dinged up.


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Love my Black Ice Shaft. I put one on a Pechauer butt I already had and put a White Diamond tip on it. If you have a butt laying around, you can get one made to match your joint pin.
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I've got a Cuetec Breach Ghost Edition, I really like it. The best attribute for me is control...I can crush it and the CB stays in control, for the most part. I tried a buddy's and after 3 breaks, I had to have one. Never tried the BK Rush, but many around my area use them and swear by them.


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I love my BK Rush. It hits 'em like a ton of bricks with good control. You can't go wrong with it.


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Cuetec Breach or Predator BK Rush?

Which would you look at?
I've tried both with factory tips. No notable difference, but I'd give the slight edge to the Rush. This is possibly just due to tip.

I've hit the Breach, Rush, Jacoby Black, and the Mezz PB-G. I bought a Mezz PB-G (brand loyal). I'd say the difference between the Rush and PB-G is about the same as the Rush to Breach. Again probably just due to the sonic tip on the Mezz.

Are they worth the money...? That's relative to the buyer. I know that a CF shaft has provided me a little more power with an easier swing

That said, I'm a believe in an action dead breaker. If I need CB action, I'll use my player.
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If you've proved the Flowers break cue shaft is NOT a low deflection shaft, which break cue would you recommend with a LD C/F shaft?

LD is not really a big deal for breaking, I never tested any break cues to see how they deflect. One of those cheaper cues would be fine to use as a break cue, I just wanted to point out that it is not an LD shaft since a lot of players see the fact it's a carbon shaft and assume it's also low deflection.


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Cuetec Breach or Predator BK Rush?

Which would you look at?
I had 2 BK Rushes one with the wrap and one without the wrap and I didn't like them as well as I like the Cuetec Breach. The Breach is far better I think hands down!!