Break Stats -- Derby City 10-Foot 10-Ball, Jan. 2014

Colin Colenso

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Well ... maybe I'll look at that if the snow gets deeper.:)

I wouldn't wish for more snow for you mate.... but if you ever do get the time or inclination, it would be very interesting to get stats from a good sample like this on % wins from potting the 3ball, and 1,2,4,5 ball for that matter.

And the % of run outs from these pots.

I know that's a pretty big task and not your responsibility... just would be very interesting to see :)


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Certainly. I just looked at a number of the results I posted during the past year, and, in aggregate, breaker lost about three-quarters of the time when he fouled on the break.

I'm not surprised really, but that number is even higher than I thought it would be! This is the main reason that I now practice the break for a hour each day.

A few months ago I was in a tournament and I was shooting pretty good but breaking bad (No pun intended!) I was scratching the break like crazy and because of that I was constantly playing catch up. Once I let off the gas and just focused on hitting the head ball square I started winning more. Sometimes I made a ball and sometimes I didn't, but I didn't give up another BIH for the rest of the tournament and I managed to fight my way back from the losers bracket and cash 2nd.

Scratching is the devil!