Brief Article About HS Player Going to Junior World 9-Ball Championship


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Hillcrest High School student represents Team USA in international billiards tournament

Breaking onto the scene: Greenville High School student represents Team USA in international billiards tournament

Carlos Cristian Flores

Landon Hollingsworth.jpg

Landon Hollingsworth, High School pool player
Source: WYFF TV

Greenville, South Carolina

A Greenville high school senior is hoping to come out on top in an upcoming international tournament. You may be thinking, "In what sport?" Well, it's billiards.

Most high school seniors are worried about getting through a normal day of class.

However, for Hillcrest High School senior Landon Hollingsworth, his day really starts after the final bell rings.

The 17-year-old professional pool player is currently ranked second in the Junior International Championship Tour and has earned more than a dozen of other accolades.

Hollingsworth will be the first to say that getting there wasn't easy.

"When you actually pick up a pool cue, it's not that simple. It takes a lot of time and dedication and hard work," Hollingsworth said.

The Greenville native believes in order to have success, it all starts from the break.

"To me, the break is one of the biggest parts of the game. That's something that I always work on," Hollingsworth said. "Right after the break, it's mental."

No matter the stage, it's all business.

"Basically, when I go into a tournament, I just tell myself I'm ready to play," Hollingsworth said,

However, in November Hollingsworth's passion is putting him on a world stage.

"To represent Team USA in the Junior World 9-Ball Championship in Puerto Rico is incredible," Hollingsworth said. "I'm honored to represent the United States because I'm privileged. Not every kid gets this opportunity and plays pool."

The 17-year-old knows he needs to keep his options open. He added that he's also thinking about becoming a surgeon or joining the Air Force. However, until then, his eyes are always on the ball.

"Right now, my focus is this game 100 percent, so we'll see where it takes me," Hollingsworth said.