BUTTERFLY EFFECT CHALLENGE - fullsplice cue for donation


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Hello Friends!
Your support is much appreciated and goes straight to our soldiers on the frontline in Kharkov. Every donation saves life, brings closer the victory, adds comfort to a soldier, makes his actinons more efficient. In gratitude when the war is over, we - Shuriken Custom Cues will make a cue in Ukrainian flag colors for every donation from $100 to bzhtry@gmail.com Paypal.

War in Ukraine is not just some local fight, it's extract of all good vs extract of all evil, development vs degradation, freedom vs slavery. Hard to believe it is happening in XXI century in the middle of Europe, but it is what it is. Ukraine now is a stronghold of freedom, WW3 has been started already. How far does it spread depends on our actions today. We feel support of the whole civilized world and it's very inspiring. Let's prevent the tragedy of XX century from repeating in geometric progression. We should kill it in a germ before it's too late. Every action matters - like, repost, donation, sharing information offline, any other supportive action getting Humanity closer to the victory.

"A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean."



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Hello Friends! Big thanks for your support!

UAV is still in search, but we've bought a lot of useful things with your help. Optics, medical kits, uniform, armor.

Butterfly effect challenge by Shuriken custom cues is still running and you are welcome to participate.

Every donation from $100 will get a fullsplice cue in yellow and blue butterfly colors!
Paypal: bzhtry@gmail.com

Donate, share, comment - every $ matters, every supporting word matters.
"A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean."

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Hello Friends! Thanks for your support!
From the beginning of the war we've got more than 60 donations + some optics and equipment. All money transfered to defenders of Kharkov - the city where our workshop is located.

Briefly on the situation around the past month. russians tried to invade all Ukraine, but sucked. Now they regrouping on the East and round 2 is about to start. Their tactics is terror of civilians and zerg rush on Ukrainian army positions. Lots of weapons come to Ukraine from our allies, just recently I started to hear about artillery and air jets which is cool. Hope the war will end soon and we'll start the processing of these cues for you.

But until then your help is much appreciated and it will make life for guys on the frontline a little bit easier. Walky talky's, first aid kits, optics, armor needed.

Butterfly Effect Challenge is still on! Make donation from $100 to bzhtry@gmail.com and get a cue with blue and yellow butterflies when the war ends.

"A butterfly can flutter its wings over a flower in China and cause a hurricane in the Caribbean."



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Hello Friends!
Looks like we can start the processing in June-July. Ukrainian defenders fight off russian scum from Kharkiv area. The city is gradually getting back to life. Everyone who participated the Butterfly effect challenge made that happen. We appreciate your support very much!

The challenge is still actual. Now we are collecting money for Pu-erh tea and Mavic 3 drones - these are consumables, but very helpful for our soldiers.

If you wanna help and get a cue from Shuriken Custom Cues for any donation from $100, here is the Paypal: bzhtry@gmail.com

We came up with a mockup of a cue for the challenge. Here it is:


Tulip overlapped long 2p. made of Hornbeam black, blue, yellow.
3/8-10 and Radial pins are preferable, Uniloc QR pin is also possible - for you to choose.
Weight is custom.

Spreading information is a huge support also. Please do it in any comfortable way. "#Ukraine #Mariupol #Azovstal" should be well known worldwide.
For example by listening to Ukrainian music. I've got you a playlist:

Together we stand!



It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.
Count me in, I sent paypal. Wishing the best for Ukraine.

As an avid tea drinker, I completely understand what a good tea can do for morale. Slow release caffeine without the jitters, warms the soul.


I’m on the mobile app and would like to donate to the cause. I don’t see a donation option, do I just choose the send money option instead? Thanks


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Hello Friends,
Appreciate your support very much! Thank you! Героям Слава!

Check the collections of our splices by this link: https://opensea.io/poolcues

Here is some important information about my country.

Situation on the East of Ukraine is bad. Ukrainian forces are outnumbered. Capturing small cities russians trying to surround Ukrainian forces. russian tactics is just the same as they have used in Mariupol - block the city and burn it to ash with massive artillery and missile strikes. 3-5 such a towns made almost a complete circle around Ukrainian forces - 20km window for now. Defeat on Donbas is critical. MLRS and similar artillery weapons are needed badly. I don't know what me and you can do except sharing the information... so here are twitters of officials who speak for Ukraine now:

On occupied cities russians giving away russian passports. Those who against are tortured or killed.
Some foreign politicians think that the kremlin is negotiable. Be sure it's not. If Ukraine lost this war it means ressurection of the ussr. A few years of "peace" and a new attack on Baltic countries and Poland, nuclear alert intimidation for NATO and the US will increase. WW3 is here and now, russian weapons is old soviet shit, but quantity of it is enormous. Same with nuclear weapons. russian economics is still getting billions of $ from addicted with oil and gas European countries. population of russia is more than 100 millions of chauvinistic zombies who go in line with ANY kremlin propaganda. Visit Chatroulette.com to speak with regular russians and ukrainians and you will understand.

Ukraine fights for Freedom. United we stand. Please spread the information, it's extremely important.

We all tired of these political shit. I just want to live my normal life. Creating splices and be happy.
Anyway check the collections of our splices on: https://opensea.io/poolcues . There are more to come. I hope



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The fight that you are taking to the Russians is making Ukrainians everywhere proud. Keep it up! Donation sent.

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Hello Friends!
We gradually starting the processing. First priority is to close all witer debts. Bunch of cues and blanks that had been ordered before the war (4 month ago). Thank you all for the patience, support and understanding! We appreciate it very much.


Same place a few month ago:

After closing debts we'll start making Butterfly Effect Challenge cues. Also the challenge is still actual, any donation from $100 will get a fullsplice cue in Ukrainian colors from Shuriken Custom Cues. Paypal: bzhtry@gmail.com

But any amount of money is super helpful. Donation system has evolved during these 4 month of war. Ukrainian blogers and publics in Telegram mostly are able to cover requested soldiers needs within an hour. Mostly it's vehicles and copters. Bloger make a post "car needed for a 93 brigade in Kharkiv area", people send 5-20 hrivnas (0.2-1$) and within a minute a car is bought. A lot of stuff had been bought with help of this guy for example: https://t.me/lachentyt 6.5 milion hrivnas is the record so far (about $200000). It is cool, but not enough. Ukrainian forces are outnumbered in some areas it's 1:10... Reactive artillery needed badly to end this war.

Anyway, now we are open for cue blanks orders with not tricky splices geometry like





Tulip overlapped:

Some wood we are using for cues you can see here: http://shurikencues.com/wood/

Estimated processing time is about 2-3 weeks. The cost of a blank with such a splices geometry is about $150-$200 made of Hornbeam. So lookig forward your custom requests! These geometries could be combined with one another and have different number of splices and wood species


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Hello Friends!
While HIMARS are burning orcs on the East of Ukraine, SHURIKENCUES are making fullsplice blanks for cuemakers.

Hard to say when we are able to provide a finished product. This temporary workshop we are exploiting right now has lack of equipment. Kharkiv is still under attack. Hopefully Ukrainian army will counterattack soon and kick away those bastards from our land, so we could get back to our original workshop.

Anyway, now we are offering cue blanks for cuemakers. Here is the link where you can find splices geometry we produce and costs:

As for the Butterfly Effect Challenge, to speed up the process we'd gladly cooperate with a cuemaker from the US. If you are the one, please DM me with the cost, needed to finish about 70 cue blanks. I'm sure we could figure something out, the event is historical


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Hello Friends!
While we are living at the threshold of WW3, I want you to remember that LOVE always defeats HATE. In one way or another. War is inside human's head, dictators control it using emotions like hate, fear, gloat, envy, etc. The majority of people on Earth want peace. Propaganda playing on emotions forces them to commit terror. This is a false path leading straight to hell. Today we need to be united as never before, because only together we have the power to stop any aggressor. Treat your surrounding with love, have faith in better, be prepared to anything.

Anyway, a lot of time have passed since the challenge was started. Kharkiv - our home is still under attack. We have started the processing, but our abilities are limited. I'd like to offer 3 solutions that may speed up the process:

1) Get a cue blank. We can make it fast, but you need to find a cuemaker who may finish the blank (joint, rings, bumper, varnish).

2) Get a cue with finish we are producing now. We can make it fast, but the cue will be with a metric steel joint, fiber and Le Professional tip.

3) Wait until we get back to our original workshop or naturally evolve the new workshop with all needed equipment.

Also, feel free to request any custom orders for blanks or cues





For me, just keep my money. It's probably the best cause I have ever donated to in my life. When you, your family, and your country are back to peace and living each day more worried about the tag on your clothes than food on your plate, perhaps then I'll buy a nice cue from you and you can give me a friends and family discount or something. Peace.