Call shot 10-ball is a bad idea.


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I reallt think the new WPA rules are very good.

Looking forward to trying them out this weekend. I will let you know what I think post tournament. :rolleyes:

10-ball is imo best for very good players, for most players there is a little game called 9-ball. All great games has call shot, except 9-ball. If you want to slop balls - play 9-ball, it is not going anywhere.

I for myself both when I am playing and watching HATE to see a fluke settle the score.

I know some double-chances shots will not play etc, really curious how this will effect my liking of the rules.


Cuebacca said:
I think I know what Danny D would say about that... he played the shot well enough to get lucky. :D :)

haha, i think he hit it good enough to get lucky too, but to then happen to be 2 feet from the next ball with a perfect angle was a little overboard (he dogged that hit too by the way, but recovered of course). what if the next ball was on the end rail, earl probably would have won.

well, for what it's worth -- not sure if we are talking in general here or for bigger tournaments -- but call the 10 is bad news for general purpose playing. stakes get high and people do weird stuff, like a guy will motion toward the obvious pocket and the opponent will claim he never saw or called it. so many things to deal with. i hate that type of stuff and would MUCH MUCH rather deal with the occasional guy lucking it in on me, cus hell.... i'll do it just as often as him statistically.


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Promised you guys a rewiew. I played in a national 10-ball event with the new(est) rules and I really liked em.

Felt really good every time I saw a slopped ball go in. Only thing that I find they (we) could adjust is the 10 on the break. Got one against me in the side too - the US regulation wouldnt have helped me there.

All in all, I like!


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Thanks for the report. It's one thing to have an opinion on something you think will ruin the game and another to play under those rules and weigh out the differences.

I played in a small 16 person 10-ball tourney a few weeks back with Call Everything, and then the next week we played it with only Calling the 10 ball. I liked Call 10 much better.


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Nine Ball said:
I agree... "10 ball is the game of the future".. To hell with 10 ball... 9 ball..

Let's get back to 8 ball........ I sure wish the IPT would of made it..

8-ball has one big huge incredible advantage -- it's the game the bangers play. 8-ball on TV requires very few rules to be explained, as most viewers will already be familiar with it. That goes a long way towards increasing the popularity of pro pool.

If there's ever going to be a successful pro men's tour, I think it has to revolve around 8-ball.


When you say call shot, do you mean call all kisses, caroms, and banks, or are you meaning call pocket. I don't think call pocket would be a bad move. Just make it like bca 8 ball except for now your shooting in rotation.