Carom Cues For USBA

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The cues are beginning to come in. What cues you ask?

Well, let me tell you about them. About six months ago I put the word out to my fellow cue builders that I would be nice if they would build a cue for me to sell to raise money for the USBA. All monies from all sales going to the USBA to help promote caroms to pool players [for example it looks like there will be a carom table at the Hopkins SBE next year, 10-13 Mar 2011 and that will cost money to do], hold tournaments for both the juniors and women, as well as to make sure the major carom tournaments will be live streamed.

Well my fellow cue builders stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Besides myself, 27 others are currently building a carom cue for the cause. Three have already been delivered and are available for viewing on my web site. The builders who have sent cues already are Triple Cross Cues, Vasilios Cues and of course myself. So check them out. These will all be one of a kind cues, very playable but also very collectible so check them out at cues.htm
Also if you would like to see the pool cues that I currently have available here is the link. APR SO U WANY A DIECKMAN.htm