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Where is Charlie Williams today...?? Is he still involved with pool in any way or has he moved on...??
Would appreciate a response from anyone who knows what he's doing today...!!!


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The last Charlie sighting came at the BCA Hall of Fame banquet in November 2021. He was there to attend the induction of his close friend Thorsten Hohmann. He's not involved with pool anymore and, when we chatted, he seemed very content to me. Knowing Charlie, I'll bet he was delighted to learn of Jayson Shaw's 714 ball run, as Charlie played a part in keeping straight pool alive and always held the top straight pool players in high regard.


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I think his main project now is an organization for former pro athletes:

See also:

Have you heard of any of these sports celebrities?
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Never knew Charlie was “former #1 pro billiards”. Gotta start paying closer attention…

My best guess is that this means that, at one point, he was ranked #1 on the UPA tour, which is definitely possible.


As a Giants fan, I remember Ron Dixon. Career was cut short by a knee injury. But did return a kick for a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Mind you, that was the only touchdown the Giants scored in that game; that was the Super Bowl where they got utterly blown out by Baltimore despite setting records in the NFC title game.


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Charlie Williams was president of the UPA, the organization that required pool players to sign legally binding contracts and showed favoritism on player selection to various events like the now defunct BCA Open and tournaments overseas. This rubbed many players the wrong way unless, of course, the players were buddies of the UPA admin group. One major wrongdoing happened in 2004 when the UPA used their so-called "ranking system" to choose 50 American UPA members to compete in the BCA Open. The other 50 pool players were non-Americans hand-picked by the BCA organization. I don't know why they called the BCA Open an "open" when it was most definitely an invitational.

2004 was a banner year for Danny "Kid Delicious" Basavich, and he was ranked No. 7 on the UPA ranking system. He was not selected by the UPA admin staff and instead they selected UPA members that were not ranked as high as Danny, like Teddy Garrihan as an example, to compete in the BCA Open as well as an overseas tournament, some city that begins with a "C." The UPA claimed they could not get a hold of Danny, which is B.S. since they took his membership fees and had his cell number, email, and home address where he lived with his parents. Danny sure has had some rough rolls in the pool world.

Williams won the BCA Junior Nationals and became the youngest player ever to compete in the U.S. Open. He grew up in Virginia along with Max Eberle. Charlie won a BCA Open championship 2002, subject to check, which paid $15,000, and became the first Asian-American male to win a major pro title in the U.S.

Charlie was the founder of Dragon Promotions that hosts straight pool tournaments. He rubbed the WPA and other major pool entities the wrong way when he labeled his events with the word "world," as in "World 14.1 Championship."

As far as the "incident" when Charlie was alleged to have entered a female's hotel room without her permission, I have mixed feelings about it. There's three sides to a story, and I think there might have been more to that incident than the public knows. Social media and pool forums, of course, went wild with memes and mean-spirited comments about both Charlie and the female. The only people who really know what happened is Charlie and the female.

About a year ago today, Charlie Williams was seen on video at a fundraiser promoted by Jeannie Seaver et al. for Jeanette Lee in Florida.

Hard to believe Charlie is 45 years old today. Time flies when I'm getting old.
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