Christmas Accu-Rack Drawing!!!!


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In thanks to the forum for all the feedback and information it provides I would like to do a holiday drawing for everyone who didn't get into the review drawing and could use a little extra ho-ho-ho through the holiday season.... The drawing will be for a The Accu-Rack System by Outsville containing the 8Ball, 9ball and 10Ball templates...

I will draw 6 names on Friday so I can get them out on Monday the 17th... With luck they will reach everyone by Christmas...

I really don't want to limit the drawing but in order to fit into the spirit of the drawing I can only keep you in the drawing if your Mailing Address is Continental US and Canada... Canadian winners will NOT be getting the Carrying tube because of customs delays which would mean they won't arrive by Christmas.......

Please respond on the thread and not thru PMs if you want your name in the hat...

Happy Holidays to all,
Chris Renfro

Would love to win one! Put me down!



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Thanks for the drawing Chris I am sure we all appreciate you doing it. Please put me on your list.


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Thanks for the opportunity Chris! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. Thank you.