Cocobolo, Holly, and Amboyna Burl - Chad Carter Custom Cue!


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Up for sale is a beautiful Chad Carter Custom Cue!

This cue was just refinished, re-wrapped, re-tipped, and had the shafts re-worked. It really is a nice and razor sharp hitting cue!

  • Forearm: Cocobolo (really nice!)
  • Points (8): Holly with Amboyna Burl pointed re-cuts
  • Wrap: Golden Tan Bull Leather
  • Buttsleeve: Cocobolo with White Phenolic Buttcap
  • Joint: Stainless Steel 5/16-14 w/Brass shaft inserts
  • Joint Collar: White Phenolic.
  • Joint Rings: Black Phenolic A,B, C, D, and E
  • Handle weight: 14.88oz.
  • Shaft 1 of 2: 3.91oz. (12.7mm), 12 5/8" Pro Taper
  • Shaft 2 of 2: 3.95oz. (12.6mm), 13 1/8" Pro Taper
  • Cue Tips: Medium-Hard Laminated
  • Ferrule: White Linen Phenolic

Complete Cue- Balances: 19 3/8" (both shafts) from the butt cap end
Overall Weight: Shaft 1 - 18.79oz. Shaft 2 - 18.83oz.

The forearm on this cue is really nice! The points pop, and the wrap really compliments the overall look of the cue.

This cue's hit is really stiff. Razor sharp thin cut shots!

It's yours for $OLD shipped (lower 48 states)!




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Nope, not the original owner; although Chad Carter has peronally verified that this is one of his cues. Refinish work was done by Ariel Carmeli Custom Cues.


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Amboyna Burl, re-cuts, 2 shafts, leather...

And in new-condition for $700?

That is crazy talk.

Easily the best deal I have seen in a LOOOOOOONG time.


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I saw this cue and hit some balls with it - it's exceptional all the way around.