COGNOSCENTi and TAD Cue Cap Sets


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Helllo Forum,
I got these two Cap Sets..
From the Arvorin Website:
"Arvorin" Resin-Ivory™ has an attractive grain that looks like real ivory.
As one turns a cue in one's hand this imitation ivory shows side grain,
flat grain and then back to side grain again.
This material fluoresces purple under a black light so customs agents
will be able to discern it from real ivory without a problem.

TAD Set is 5/16 x 18 (Piloted , Threaded Brass Insert)
Only $300.00

Only $200.00

These are low prices for the amount of work you are getting.

You send me the USPS Mailing/ Shipping Label ( purchased at
and you choose Express/Priority Mail, and, amount of Insurance).
I do not have a Printer to Print Labels. I do not drive, so, no Post Office.
(This is NOT my PayPal. do not send PayPal to this e-mail)


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