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Also depend on your environment. If you have a lot of moisture, ie winter/spring and your house is heated with electricity then then humidity in the house will drop lower than 30% and a month will cause wood to shrink as it dries, making rings proud. During the summer you don't heat and the average humidity level is over 40% and it will cause wood to expand. Unless you live in the desert, Moisture will get into cues through joint, butt, and wrap areas.


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Generally the wood shrinks and the metal doesn't. during a refinish you get an opportunity to flatten it all out flush again. the odds are the wood has done it's thing and is good to go.


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I spent many days in Joe's shop, played pool with him and went to Carson's steak house with him. Joe showed me the technique for his rings which makes them shrinking below the level of the finish almost impossible. In this specific case it seems they have or it is stated they have. It has also been stated that it is a rare occurrence which makes sense to me after seeing what and how Joe does his rings. Either way I recommended the OP contact Joe and wished him the best. Joe is a great guy and meticulous with his cues. I saw him chop a butt into pieces and toss it in the bucket when he was unhappy with it. It was near completion but that did not stop him from from dumping it.. Joe if you read this I hope you and your wife are both healthy and happy!
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Off topic but I sent a cue to Joe Gold for a refinish last year (in Feb) but I have not heard from him since last July. The paint had chipped off a wrapless model and he offered to repair it for free. Does anyone here stay in contact with him? I think a year for a paint refinish is a tad too long. If not allowed, I will start a new thread.