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Jamie Ruff
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I don't have much reason to try and collect high end cues any more; just lost the bug I guess. When I pulled it out to take pictures I found out it picked up a little but of a wobble which is in a video in the attached album. I realize this will affect the price and am willing to talk. Original price was $3750. I'll sell it for the first reasonable offer. If I don't get a decent one, then I'll just hang onto it.

There is also a link to more professional pictures of the cue on Eddie's page. Payment through Paypal only. I will pay the fee.

Thanks for looking.
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That is a cool cue. I never much cared for butterfly points, but they have really grown on me. I saw a new Larry vigus one with greenish abalone used in the rings and various green and olive colored veneers,out of sight cue. Yours is really cool,how bad is the wobble? That is gonna be hard to explain in words,but not knowing is gonna prevent many(me included ) from being able to make an offer. Its alot of trouble i know, but if you could video it with your phone, rolling the butt and shafts,together and apart,will certainly get you some offers.