Concentration! How do the best do this?


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Howdy All;

I posted in another thread about having practiced the ability to "Ignore" to avoid being
Sharked. Same here the ability to ignore sharking attacks and being able to focus on
the shot at hand are as close as Siamese Twins.
What I do for each shot was something I picked up 10 or 12 yeas ago from a guy named
Tim (The Monk) Miller, the essence of getting into each shot was this simple mantra,
"See the shot, Know the shot, Shoot the shot." Pretty much self explanatory, See
where you want the shot to go (pocket or hiding local), Know what you want to accomplish,
& where do ya want the Cue Ball to end up after pocketing / hiding the object ball and then
Shoot it like ya planned it, ... ain't goin' to get there on it's own. By stayin focused on these
aspects I can truly "Ignore" the distractions, a$$holes and Buttheads that abound.

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It all depends on the situation for me. I have played my best pool in dead focus, and played my best pool unconscious. I ran a two pack without knowing it until after it happened once.

One thing I have noticed, is conserving concentration and mental strength, is just as important as having it. I notice that some pros are only dead focused when they are down on the table. This is especially true for One Pocket, which is probably the most mentally taxing game.

Jerry Calderon told me to that when you are shooting, nothing exists past the table, no matter how good of a shot you make, you don't worry about who saw it, same as a miss.