Congrats to Efren Reyes he wins Pac-Man 2 event


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Seems like only yesterday we never heard of Biado, either. We've been hearing for some time now about all the "unknown" monster Pinoys. Now's our chance to finally meet them.:thumbup:

Now, if only they'd get the rules and refs straightened out.:rolleyes:

Yeah, you're right and if only the big American promoter Behrman will pay after the tournament right away:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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What scares me is that there is a dude that goes Hill Hill in the final of a major in the Phillipines with Efren Reyes with a field consisting of multiple other champions... that I have never heard of before.

The reason that Pul Pul is lesser known than some of his peers is that he has for many years worked a sponsored house pro in the UAE. He plays at Champions Club in Ras Al Khamer along with another tremendous Pinoy cueist Elmer Haya,
Recent Japan Open winner Raymund Faraon, Jovan Bustamante and Elvis Casalang are all UAE based Filipinos.
There are many others dotted around the Middle East
Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait are all hosts to these under cover stars


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Congratulations to Reyes. Well played. As for Pulpul, I think Nelson Muntz said it best.


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I guess there is justice after all....

...Watching that hill-hill game, it looked for all the world that Pulpul had it in the bag; that looked like such a "road map" layout......then he messed up position on the 6, and leaves it in the jaws.....then it seemed like everybody in the whole place is cheering! (along with me) I wouldn't have liked to see Pulpul win the tournament; it would have been tainted by that doggone technicality in the Biado mishap...

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Wonderful !

Watching Efren beat the guy that got the win over Biado was good. Very glad the guy got beat.