Contact the pearl


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he might be busy for the rest of te weekend!

after that try babys proshop mike will know how to get ahold of earl!:D


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if i see him tonight i'll ask him if i can give it to you, i doubt it but i'll see, no news is bad news. it

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May want to wait a few days before getting a hold of him. I think he is gonna be busy for a little while. :D


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First Sigel, then Rempe, now Earl?

Very Interesting

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I'll just wish him luck in whatever endeavor he is pursuing. This looks like it might be a tough sell, and seems to be competing with Freddie, but good luck anyways. :D


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It's Better Than "Buttercup"

If Freddy "The Beard" makes a ton of dough selling autographed memorabilia,
I propose that we change his name to Freddy "The Bread"... imo

( don't laugh, I'm sure he's been called worse ) :)