Coring wood question

Kim Bye

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Straight grained woods works best, which means you still have a lot to choose from. Paduak, bloodwood, rosewood of all sorts (if cost isn't an issue..) Jatoba etc.


Kim Walker
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I have fully cored all my cues........... about 3 with a 3/4 in purple heart dowel and the 300 with a 3/4 maple dowel


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I core because I like
Oh wait....

I've never fully cored. Haven't had a butt move. Haven't built a ton of cues, either.

I understand how and why to core. I'll be setting up to core as I get my lathe built. Might look into coring on my mill, but that'll take special tooling and use every bit of travel I have.

Michael Webb

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I'm curious what the cuemakers have to say. Bocote would make a lot of sense to me.
Bocote is a Very stable wood. Weights like all woods can vary.
One of the high grain woods, I would be concerned about your glue / epoxy absorption, but I worry about absorption with Purple heart too. Sometimes it's a sponge sucking everything in.
Dry spots equals BUZZ.
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