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I am selling a Cousins Birdseye maple and rosewood 4 point multiple veneer cues. Cue is 18.5 oz and balances at 18.7 inch balance point. Shaft is 12.75 tip. Length 58". Joint pin is 3x8x10. cue has been well cared for and in overall nice condition for a player.
Cousins cues are listed in both 3rd Edition Blue Book and Billiards Encyclopedia.
Gary Wright had to quit making cues in 2005 due to severe toxic reaction to wood dusts. His cousin ED lived in Northern California and sold most of the cues in the bay area. They very successfully made and marketed cues for about 8 years before Gary had to stop.
I am reducing the price to 425.00 because the black wrap is very recent but I think should be redone by a competent cue repairman to make it look as new again.
The cue show all the craftsmanship of a top maker with long sharp points and inlays.
Walla Walla WA.


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Seems like a lot of cue for the money. Interesting buttsleve design, never really seen one like that. Good luck with the sale.


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That was a smart buy. Great cue and well priced. I’ve owned several over the years and still have the first one I bought back in 98. Thanks to the buyer for saving me $425.
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