CPBA Worsted Cloth, Cheaper alternative to simonis


Well months in with the weather getting colder I've been playing pool more and so far so good this stuff has really held up well, There are some long white marks I've had trouble brushing out from going to low on practicing draw shots I assume the same would be done to any felt but they're only noticeable to me really.

Overall I'm happy with the product for the price it can't be beat I would recommend a professional install as it seems to have relaxed a bit but nothing you can really pinch or pull up. With a professional install on the table and all the rails I think you'd still be into this less than just the material for Simonis. I don't think I'll wear the stuff out in my lifetime with just home practice couple hundred racks on it now and no signs of wear aside from the aforementioned "scratches" and I'm sure they could be cleaned if someone was so inclined.

I dont think the simonis is worth the premium at least comparing it to the stuff at my local pool hall and at the half the price of some of the non-worsted wool on the market this is the top dog on value in my book.