Cue Bar & Billiards, Oslo, Norway

Roy Steffensen

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I might have to pick up mye cue again!

Cue Bar & Billiard opened a couple of months ago, and it is a fantastic poolhall. Never seen anything like it.

36 pooltables. Also carom, and soon finish making a large vip-room with 4 tables.

The poolclub Oslo Biljardklubb have their own room, but share frontdoor and toilets. The poolclub have 10 tables (blue cloth), and here it is members only and non alcohol. Close 11 pm. Members can also buy a key and have access 24/7 for these tables.

The other tables are in the mainroom. Here there are restaurant, bar, disco.

Today it is Tuesday, and it is packed. Every Tuesday it is 2hour free pool for every customer. 17 on the waitinglist a few hours ago.

Worth a visit if you are in town


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AzB Silver Member
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Looks amazing Roy! Next time I'm in town I'll go there!

Planning for next summer. Not a lot going on there in the winter. Everybody working. :)