Cue brand


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My current is the best so far; henceforth BSF. It's a frankencue made by some Chinese guys and some Chinese machines in some Chinese place - probably places and probably in China.
#1 and #2 criteria after <good enough> are cheap and not gaudy.
I cannot play with a cue who's look I don't like. Definitely the arrow...


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I retired my Richard Black so I went with a predator. I wanted something with all this new tech. I wanted something with a Carbon fiber Shaft, Extension adjustable weight etc.


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Cuetec Avid Era linen wrapped butt with carbon fiber shaft, at 19.5 oz.SS Kanui clear tip. I am not the best player out there,but definitely love the cf shaft.


I got a Southwest I've had since 87 I used until I stopped mid/late 90's. A nice Joss I never really used. Starting to play again a little. Use a sneaky Preadator over a Mezz sneaky because I like the quick release extension. I like the Mezz hit a little better, just now used to the Predator. If something happens to it like disappearing or some damage, I'll still sleep. To be honest, my talent level seems about the same with all of them. On good flashback days I'll consistently run 30's to 60's straight pool with any of them. 2 days later I'm lucky to run 3 to 6 balls in an open rack with any of them. Who needs a rollercoaster.