Cue ID please Tad?


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I’ll send them to someone. I’m in Denver, I did get the cues out, funding the right case was a job itself. I’m back Monday or Tuesday & will shoot them then. I’ve never removed the bumpers on them-shouldn’t be a issue, they aren’t rotted or dried out. So I’ll try and remove them. Also for comparison I’ll get a 80’s Tad and remove a bumper. Hopefully I can get them off.

I’m pretty interested myself,

I had an 80's Tad, they have a serial number no logo.

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My early tads made around 1973 or before did not have serial numbers. Truth is with Fred. For me, my guess is early 70s.

Imo, getting it redone is the way to go. Fred has done a few for me and the results are a brand new cue. Fred will not be working forever…