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A friend of mine has a jump break with an unusual tip. It almost looks like white phenolic, it appears to have a solid bond to ferrule, almost like it's the same material just has a cut from a lathe to appear like a tip, and it's shaped perfect and never loses it. It's super hard, barely holds chalk, the tip is about a 14mm-14.5mm, but jumps like I've never seen a jump cue jump.
Is it possible that the tip and ferrule are actually the same material? If so, what could it be? I want one of these shafts!!



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I saw some of what you are talking about at the BCA tournament this year in vegas....the guy told me they come with two styles - they both have cloth fibers in the wood - one is less dense than the other. I found them very intriguing and I also noticed that they jumped very well.

They use the less dense one on a jump/break cue and the more dense one on a jump cue.

I havent seen one here in Phoenix yet...but the concept is very interesting.

Zims Rack

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Chucklez- That sounds like the tip I was talking about. Do you remember who the dealer/maker was? If you or anyone else reading this hears of or sees these shafts/tips, get as much info as possible, even pick one or two up for yourself...they are amazing! I've tried to jump balls in the past, and was using the proper stroke, but just couldn't jump balls. I tried my friends jump cue, I placed the OB about 4 balls from the CB and started to line it up, my friend moved the OB about 1 ball away and I was like, there's no way I can jump that, but I tried it and jumped it with ease and continue to do so. I bought a Bunjee jump, not knowing what kind of tip was used, and I like it and can jump with ease, now working on accuracy!!!

Fast Larry- I am not getting the cooperation from the upper management on getting you here. Pool just isn't what people will come out and see, according to them. So I am not too happy with their actions right now. I am going to wait until I get back to the States in IL and work the issue with them (Scott Air Force Base) and see if we can't get you a show there. Thanks for the offer and being willing to travel. I do want the Wonder Dog to be present and strut his stuff, but it'll have to wait until next year or sometime in the future, thanks Fast Larry!