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Having played with the same cue for many years I have decided it is time for a change. I love my present cue and will un doubtably still play with it at times, I'm just tired of looking at it. :) Need a change.

I've been looking at diffrent cue makers for a while and have pretty much decided on one, I was just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with the maker I have currently decided on, and if so would love some feedback on the experiance. Find him by clicking here.

Being the first time I have ever even considered a custom cue, I am actually kind of nervous about the whole process. I have just sent off an email to him with some questions and such more or less to open the lines of communication more than anything finding out what he needs from me to begin the process.

It kind of feels like a blind date. heh Oh, I hope he likes me!!!!!!

Anyway, thanks in advance. :)


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Wayne Custom cues are excellent quality cues at a very low price. I have spoken to Mr Wayne before and he is very nice and patient with anything that you have to ask. Good Luck


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I have heard that his cues are very nice, however, I would strongly recommend shopping extensively before you purchase a custom cue. There are many, many cuemakers out there who make awesome, PLAYABLE cues and most will work with you on price and style of cue.
I can personally (and highly) recommend Chris Nitti because I have one and it hits very well, top notch craftsmanship, and the finish is like a mirror(very reasonably priced as well).
tim scruggs,PFD,phillipi,etc....on and on....
Too many to name and I'm sure some of the folks here could tell you more than I could.
Definitely ask many questions, if a cuemaker doesn't have the time to answer your questions, then IMHO he doesn't have the time to make a quality cue.
Hope this helps and happy hunting!

P.S. check out troy has some awesome cues and will give you a hell of a deal

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Definitely ask many questions, if a cuemaker doesn't have the time to answer your questions, then IMHO he doesn't have the time to make a quality cue.
Some cuemakers known to make really good hitting cues don't even want to be bothered anymore as they are really backlogged.
Pick the wood, weight and tip size and kind then e-mail the cuemaker.
You will be surprised how much time cuemakers waste on potential customers calls. There a gazilion cue nuts out there.



Been emailing Wayne for the past week with questions and brainstorming, finally gave him a phone call this morning to somewhat finalize things. A little bit of adjustment on the idea I had originally and looks like my cue is going to be a go very soon, he is going to put something together to help me finalize the wood choices on the inlays mainly, the forearm will be birdseye maple, three long cocobola points, three medium cocobola points and three small ebony points inlaid in the large ones with two veneers each. I'm excited about the whole process so far, and from talking to him he is excited about the design also. Now I just will have to play the waiting game. Probably wont be till June or July till I receive the cue. Oh, that is so long to wait. heh Should be worth it though.

And yes, so far he has been a wonderful person to deal with.